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Raised Platforms

Secure, visible Traffic Rubber Raised Platforms with easy setup

Our Traffic Rubber Raised Platforms have a unique linking system that makes the installation secure. The durable Piano Key Marking increases its visibility. It can be quickly set up without any need for digging. These platforms feature a modern, environment-friendly design that’s effective for traffic management.


Made from recycled rubber

Tough and flexible

Modular design

75mm height

Installation in under 2 hours

Extremely durable and tough


  • Installations can be completed in as little as under 2 hours
  • No excavation necessary 
  • Tough and flexible
  • Modular design
  • Variable widths with 75mm height​
  • Made from recycled rubber
  • Flexible – it can be removed and relocated if necessary​
  • Extremely durable and tough for heavy vehicles and high volume traffic
  • Help reduce accidents
All TPA products comply with Government standards

What Are Traffic-Raised Safety Platforms?

These Platforms are elevated structures integrated into road surfaces; they serve as a physical and visual sign for drivers, signalling the need to reduce speed in pedestrian zones, school areas, or high-traffic pedestrian crossings. They are specialised road infrastructure elements designed to manage and control vehicle speeds in sensitive areas, constructed from high-grade rubber. Their design is distinct from conventional speed bumps.

What are the Benefits of Traffic Rubber Raised Platforms?

These significantly increase road safety, are highly durable and improve pedestrian safety by effectively slowing down traffic in critical areas like school zones. They are made from robust rubber, withstand heavy use and diverse weather, and offer longevity.

Their design reduces vehicle speeds without disrupting traffic flow, and their raised structure increases visibility, encouraging cautious driving. Economically, they are cost-effective due to lower maintenance needs and are environmentally friendly, often made from recycled materials. Versatile in application, they fit various urban settings, making them a practical choice for modern road safety.