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Cycle Safety

Recycled rubber Cycle Safety enhances city cyclist safety

Our modern Cycle Safety is transforming cities into safer, more cycle-friendly environments. We make our safety from top-quality recycled rubber, which is good for the environment. It also increases the safety of cyclists and pedestrians.


Made from recycled rubber

Tough and flexible

Modular design

75mm height

Installations in under 2 hours

Extremely Durable and tough


  • Installations can be completed in as little as under 2 hours
  • No excavation necessary 
  • Pedestrian marking for improved visability
  • Tough and flexible
  • Modular design
  • Made from recycled rubber
  • Flexible – it can be removed and relocated if necessary​
  • Extremely durable and tough for heavy vehicles and high volume traffic
  • Help reduce accidents while protecting pedestrians
All TPA products comply with Government standards

What is Rubber Cycle Safety?

The idea is to use rubber-based materials to create cycling infrastructure for enhanced safety. This approach includes bike lanes, speed bumps, and protective barriers. The primary objective is to improve cyclist safety in urban and road areas. Integrating rubber elements has notably advanced the design and effectively increased safety.

What are the Benefits of Rubber Cycle Safety?

It increases safety for cyclists by reducing the risk of slipping in poor weather. The rubber material’s elasticity provides a comfortable ride by absorbing road shocks and vibrations.

Rubber is both tough and long-lasting, reduces noise in busy areas, and, being made from recycled materials, is environmentally friendly. Its bright colours enhance road safety by improving visibility.